Decision making at any level is often hard to make as it requires a large amount of both individual and organisational resources and commitment. Good decision making is not based only on getting more data and details, but about detecting patterns to guide productive actions. The result of a wrong decision taken may produce long-term irreversible consequences.

This executive programme will strengthen leaders’ ability and capability to create the right environment, find the right balance and encourage creative thinking that will inform effective decision making.

Participants will know how to adequately work with the often present multiple and conflicting strategic objectives to make effective decisions and create the required balance especially in the presence of risks and uncertainties either in their personal lives or organisational positions/office.

Who Should Attend?
This programme is designed for senior managers/heads of departments and strategic business units, small and large units team leaders, supervisors, administrative officers and individuals whose work indirectly informs organisational decision making.

Duration:    Four Days