RETIRE WISE programme is designed to support retiring employees make informed decisions about retirement.

Participants will be exposed to valuable and rewarding retirement strategies. They will develop skills on how to create realistic financial retirement plan.

By the end of the programme, participants will have more confidence knowing that they are better prepared to effectively plan and look forward to rewarding retirement years.

Participants will rediscover their individual values and hidden potentials which are most needed to inform their decisions on post retirement engagement options.

Participants will have clearer understanding on the intricacies of the profit returns in current key financial investment options, so as to maximize the available opportunities and profitability of their preferred choice.

Participants will be imparted with proven socio-mental values that will promote healthy peaceful living and gracious aging.

Who Should Attend?
This pre-retirement programme is designed for Employees with less than 12 months to retirement.

Duration:    Three Days