About Us


Rova College (RC 465489) is a private sector educational institution registered by the Federal Ministry of Education (Tertiary Department) to provide executive education. We are also registered with the United States Government (USA) ref DUNS No: 561210263 and NCAGE Code No: SBET4.

Since 2003, we have been developing capacity and building skills in leadership, management and social development competencies, found to be desirable for effective governance and leadership in complex and developing systems. We also provide consultancy services that ensure sustainable solutions for operational excellence and strategic coherence.


  • Design and support the implementation of health and social development programmes that translate strategies into productive outcomes.
  • Develop and deliver customised capacity skill training programs tailored to specific needs and expected outcomes for our clients.
  • Support the initiation and implementation of knowledge management initiatives to improve organisational performance and productivity.
  • Engage with the public sector via the PPP Business model to strengthen the health and social governance systems.