The place where people go to be treated for disease should not themselves act as a source of harm.

Perhaps the most significant challenge facing healthcare executives today is the public’s loss of confidence in the ability of healthcare organization to deliver safer care.

It maybe part of human nature to err, but it is also part of human nature to create solutions, find better alternatives and meet the challenges ahead. A realistic understanding of the risks inherent in modern medicine makes it necessary that all health professionals are capable of cooperating with all relevant parties, of adopting a proactive systems approach to safety and of performing with professional responsibilities.

We should find comfort in the fact that they are already many tools available to improve patient safety, but implementing this tools and interventions to reduce patient harm have being a challenge. They have received far less attention especially in developing economies like Nigeria. We have to engage all levels of leadership, attention and resources to take coordinated actions and accelerate towards zero in shaping a safer health system.

To this end, ROVA College of Healthcare Executives in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Health, its agencies and development partners are organising the 2017 National Healthcare Management Conference; theme – ‘Patient Safety- Improving Patients Safety through Leadership and Management Development’.

This conference is designed to convene key stakeholders who have the core mandate to ensure patient safety and those strategic to the expansion of patient safety programs as well as Universal Health Coverage in Nigeria. It will serve as a central platform for high level advocacy and a catalyst towards improving Patient safety at all levels of care in Nigeria through leadership and management development.

Let’s reflect on our collective insights and create a world where patients and those who care for them are free from harm.


…with adequate leadership, attention and resources, improvement can be made.

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