In today’s dynamic complex world of healthcare delivery, most Chief Executives Officers (CEO), administrators and clinical service line managers are confronted with quality, patient safety and financial sustainability. Their skills are consistently being put to the test as they endeavour to overcome these challenges.

There is convincing evidence that the efficient and effective use of resources, quality of healthcare and patient safety is improved by enhanced management capacity of the key drivers and whole organization. Therefore, there is an urgent need to further strengthen the health system by building the leadership skills and management performance of the management team to deliver higher values.

In the light of this awakening, the Federal Ministry of Health (FMoH) in its leadership commitment to providing quality healthcare service delivery, improving national, patient safety and financial sustainability in the Federal Tertiary Hospitals, is collaborating with ROVA College for Health Care Executives to design and deliver a customized leadership and management program for the CEOs and management team of Federal Tertiary hospitals across the 36 states of the federation and FCT with the main objective to close this strategic vacuum.

The program is designed to strengthen their leadership capabilities and management performance of Federal Tertiary Hospitals. The curriculum complements clinical responsibilities with best practices in hospital management, which includes managing people, operations and finance with particular focus on quality service delivery, patient safety and financial sustainability.


A successful hospital manager must adeptly serve and represent both clinical and managerial interest. New healthcare managers are often challenged to move beyond their traditional clinical training, to navigate very different models of managerial decision making, problem solving, communication and negotiation.

This program will provide hospital managers with the knowledge to effectively master this delicate role. It will also provide management frameworks and leadership strategies, relevant for quality healthcare delivery.  Participants will evaluate complex issues from multiple perspectives and learn how the world leading organizations improve performance.


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